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Image minimum size must be: 652x408 pixels. Bigger image with the same aspect ration is recommended.

Submission rules & requirements

Please follow these rules of PureAppDeals

In order to keep the quality of our service as high as possible, we have some rules and requirements that apply to every App promotion:

  1. You have to set your App's Mac App Store pricing tier to 2 ($1.99) or 0 (Free), depending on the promotion type, during the period of the promotion.
  2. You have to add the following two lines in your App's Mac App Store description during the promotion:
    *** LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT AT $1.99 ***
    *** More great deals and giveaways at http://PureAppDeals.com ***

    If your promotion type is a Giveaway (free) replace "DISCOUNT AT $1.99" with "FREE".
  3. The period of the promotion is 2 days (48 hours).
  4. Your App price must not go lower than the promotional price for two weeks after the end of the promotion.
  5. It is recommended (optional) to send us 3-5 promo codes of your App for extra buzz.
If you have any questions or you need assistance please contact us at contact@pureappdeals.com